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A little about me...

​      I started my clothing business in 2019 as a junior in high school. At first I resold vintage clothes with some up-cycling projects thrown in the mix. Now, I've transitioned to original and up-cycled creations only.

      Each piece was designed and crafted by me. I truly love creating these items and even more so seeing you wear them! Hoping they bring you as much joy as they bring me :)    


xx nora

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Committed to sustainability

Did you know that fashion is the third most polluting industry?!

Topped only by the oil and animal agriculture industries, fashion contributes to an absurd amount of toxins and waste. Each year, 13 million tons of textile waste is produced globally and the average consumer sends 70 lbs of clothing to the landfill, 95% of which could instead be recycled. Fast fashion and the high turnover rate of cheaply made and cheaply bought clothing not only contribute to such textile waste, but also cause mass amounts of water waste, water pollution, plastic pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Still, there is so much to love about fashion! Designing clothes and styling outfits are amazing ways to express individuality, convey messages, and feel empowered. So, to participate in these positives without the detrimental environmental impacts, every one of our items is crafted from recycled clothing and fabric. There are more than enough clothing items already out there just waiting for a second chance. Together, we can give it to them!

About: Our Story
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